Hosted IP telephony

Why use hosted IP telephony ?

Why use hosted IP telephony?

This system brings many advantages:

- No need to buy expensive equipment such as the PBX server.
- Just IP phones, connected to your network on the Internet.
- Installation and configuration costs reduced.
- In the event of a power failure, a cut in your line or the Internet, your number, your telephone system and your voice mailbox are always available.
- More long distance charges.
- You can move your offices without notifying anyone and without any additional installation fees related to your line.
- Unlimited calls to Canada and the US
And many other benefits.

IP telephony allows you to use professional tools for your business, for lower costs.

The fear today that we can hear is:

"What do you do if there is a blackout, my phone will not work anymore !? "

This is true, but today the Internet is as reliable as the standard (analog) phone line and your system remains fully functional because it is hosted even if your Internet at the office is not working.

And if you absolutely need to be contacted, we can temporarily redirect your number on a cellular phone so that we can continue to answer your customers.

Hosted IP telephony, a reliable business tool for your business.