Why Windows 10 ?

Windows 10 is the safest version of Windows that Microsoft has ever built.

Why Windows 10 ?



Windows 10 is the safest version of Windows that Microsoft has ever built. Windows 10 Pro integrates security features worthy of the largest companies and puts them at the service of all. The layered approach, which includes encryption and protection against unauthorized access to corporate data, helps protect your organization by taking into account recent threats.


Stay connected

Windows 10 Pro allows your users to connect to your customers, partners and suppliers at all times. With or without a corporate server, Windows will make you enjoy the benefits of connectivity of your cloud data (with Office 365) or local (with your Windows server).


More efficient

Windows 10 starts on average 28% faster than Windows 7 and is designed to work with your existing infrastructure. Windows 10 also offers regular updates to keep you up-to-date with the latest Microsoft innovations.

For several years now, Windows is on the market and is used by large numbers of users.



We are still waiting a bit before migrating our old system to the all-new Microsoft.

Today forced to notice, that Microsoft has managed to release a reliable operating system, user-friendly and knowing how to integrate into a corporate environment and / or Cloud such as Office 365.

The security and the watchword of Microsoft and we can notice that everything is done to keep our system up to date and use tools to protect us from digital attacks.

We can take the case of the new browser "Edge" able to isolate attacks through your navigation, in an attempt to protect your machine and the information it contains.

The updates proposed by Microsoft for its old operating systems such as Windows 7 (mostly still on the market) are just as we call "security patches." A flaw is detected, Microsoft sends you the patch to consolidate this flaw to protect you.

Windows 10 goes beyond that, since updates can contain innovations in both the use and security of your system.

Today YES, we can move to Windows 10 in safe ways, with tranquility and serenity.